Under the Dual Moons


Arillius pointed out all of the strife and chaos following the fall of Kalak and how his house lost much power. He then told Darwin that he was member of a secret order called the True, who aimed to restore Kalak to the throne. This seemed a little far-fetched, since Kalak was killed, but, having seen the dead walk before, he knew their were all manors of things his uncle could be alluding to. He told his uncle that he could not join his cause and returned to his friends. He had them finish up their meals and quickly gathered them to leave. They found the nearest inn, pretended to be drunk and got a room to party in. Darwin then explained what his uncle had said and told the party that they needed to get out of Tyr. He was reminded of his commitment to Toramund regarding Ravee, and was dismayed to know he’d have to be in town longer. Also, Illianna mentioned that the man who had tipped his goblet towards the party when they entered was Haneth Tsalaxa, whom the party had decerned in the desert was behind the attacks on them.

The party remained uneasy and they returned to the Golden Inix to stay one more night.



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