Under the Dual Moons

Kaldras's Betrayal

After setting out on the trade road, the party settled into their daily routine as caravan workers. They noticed right away that they would have to make great efforts to keep of with the elves and their long strides. The party endured, and Darwin was able to help keep tempers from flairing as the elves pushed the party hard throughout the journey.

In the rocky badlands, the party was able to spot raiders and successful avoid them. This lead to their arrival in Altaruk safe and sound.

Soon after the caravan settled down in the elven market, Kaldras retreated into his tent to obstensibled pay the hired hands for their work on this leg of the journey, however it was clear he had something else in mind as he emerged with his sword at the ready. He yelled to his family to “take them” … and “to kill his fucking brother”.

He then rushed Zinda, while the rest of his family popped out of hiding with their short bows. They concentrated their fire on Zinda and Umm, ignoring Darwin, Clara and Illianna, who, the party was uncertain as why she was on their side. A bad mistake on the elves’ part, as Darwin landed a critial hit on Kaldras, slaying him. In seconds the elven snipers, two kanks, and Kaldras laid dead. It was then that the town watch arrived, led by Tellemon. A couple of elf ‘witnesses’ spoke against the party, saying that they were escaped slaves, but Darwin, as spokesman for the heroes was able to sway Tellemon into believing the truth. He told them that he would have had this dispute hashed out in the arena, but, whereas Kaldras lie dead, there was no point. He ordered for the banishment of the Moonrunners from Altaruk and offered to by the party a drink and extend Altaruk’s hospitality.



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