Under the Dual Moons

Rhotan Vor

Soon after the party settled into their drinks, a dwarf of obvious Balican bearing strolled in. He walked up to the party and congratulated them on their efforts against the elves. He introduced himself as Rhotan Vor, a trader with House Wavir. He told how his caravan lost men and goods in the previous day’s sandstorm. The party did recall seeing a storm off in the distance.

Rhotan offered the party 100gp in Balican coin to locate the missing wagon and trade goods. He mentioned that a party such skilled in battle would be handy. Clara asked if he expected that there would be trouble and he replied that “it is the desert, afterall.”

The party agreed to help Rhotan and set out looking for the lost wagon. They were able to track it into the desert, but were soon set upon by a party of Silt Runners, reptillian creatures known for dwelling in the desert. Three of the silt runners were skillful at using spears, while two launched ranged attacks from atop an escarpment. The party found the spears particularly brutal, but were able to route the Silt Runners, with one trying to flee for its life.

The party continued on, following the tracks of the wagon until it found the remains of the wagon, surrounded by Kruthiks. The Kruthiks were particularly touch, with the adult shooting poisoned spikes at the party. They were however no match for the party and soon met their end.

The party found tracks leading away from the wagon and followed them to an old ruin. They stood behind old doors and opened them to find more Silt Runners, lead by a Ssuarian. Three caravan drivers were tied up in the corner. Darwin and Zinda, making his own decision for once, entered the room and attacked, but were quickly set upon by the ragers. Their brutal spears proved too much for Darwin and Zinda and they fell. With the only skilled healers dying, Umm saw that they only thing to do was to grab their bodies and run for it. Illiana and Clara followed. Not skilled healers at all, they did their best and were able to stabilize Zinda and Darwin. They set up camp for the night to give the recovering party members a rest.

Returning in the morning with a little more strategy, they were quickly set upon by the Silt Runners again, but this time, Umm was in the lead and was able to withstand their spears with the help of Darwin. The battle lasted but seconds, and the Silt Runners were defeated.

The party freed the captives and they worked together to carry the cargo on makeshift skids and the erdlu back to Altaruk. Rhotan was pleased and gave the party a 20gp bonus.



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