Under the Dual Moons

Silver Spring

After several days journey, the party makes it to Silver Spring, where they request an audience with Toramund. Toramund, the Silver Spring Elves’ leader holds important knowledge regarding the location of the Canyon of Gothay. Also, the party can claim their reward for riding the trade route of the Crimson Vipers. Finally, the party has a message for Toramund.

After proceeding through a maze of underground passages, the guide shows them to Toramund, who meets the party alone. Darwin’s insight into his demeanor, especially in meeting the party alone, is that of mildly or even moderately insulting. To the elves, meeting someone alone shows that they feel the party is insignificant.

Darwin, enraged and forgetting that Toramund has vital information for the party, exclaims that “We don’t have to take this!” and leaves. As he exits the room, he is smacked upside the head by the flat side of the guide’s longsword. As Darwin prepares for a fight, Clara quickly reminds the hothead that Toramund has vital information for them. Umm worries as he knows that this leader could not have arrived at his station without being able to hold his own in a fight. The display costs the party some of their negotiating leverage.

The party delivers the message to Toramund, who tries to conseal his concern. Darwin begins to negotiate with Toramund regarding the location of the Canyon of Gothay. Surprisingly, Toramund is impressed with his diplomacy and reveals all he knows regarding the location. The party then offers to help with his son Ravee in Tyr when they arrive their in the coming weeks. This impresses Toramund, and, while he sarcastically wishes them good luck on their errand in the canyon, he does truly hope for the best for them.

Before arriving to Silver Springs, the party had been attacked on the road by assassins, elves with a particular tattoo. They inquired around and found one man who would speak of it. He informed the party that the marking indicated the Dark Moons clan. This clan is almost legendary as producers of the finest assassins amoungst the elves. This surprises the party, as they were able to have defeated their assailants. They decide to let their contact leave, but seek him out again later, only to find him in his tent with a crossbow bolt through his neck.



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