Under the Dual Moons

The Aluvial Sand Wastes and Beyond

With the skiffs laden with treasure, the party having picked up some magic items and coin, the party headed toward Tyr. In the sand wastes they were attacked in the middle of the night by a Silk Wyrm. The foul creature was unseen by Illiana and Umm and was able to poison Illianna and Darwin. Umm’s skill as a warrior proved too much for the wyrm, as it was unable to feed from the helpless Darwin and Illiana.

Continuing, the party made it to the edge of the badlands and within sight of Tyr when they were assailed by a Draji warrior and two Dark Moon elf assassins mounted on Crodlus. The Draji warrior was arrogant and cocky, but this ultimately was his downfall, as he was no match for Umm. Darwin however fell admidst the combat and was saved by the healing skills of Zinda. Zinda eventially had to administer Darwin’s healing fruit, to revive him so he could save Illianna. Illianna was thankful the Darwin revived her, and perhaps demonstrated that she had some feelings for the half-elf.

The party arrived in Tyr and Rhotan was able to negotiate a fair price for the trade goods. Upon paying the party, he bid them fairwell and disappeared amongst the streets of Tyr. Umm was troubled and went into the Golden Inix tavern and inn to have a drink. Clara followed eventially and finally Darwin, with Illianna and Zinda in tow. Clara spoke to Umm and asked him if he wanted to talk in private and they left. Illianna and Darwin played a game of cat and mouse, Darwin trying his best to read her while she remained coy. Eventially, Illianna spoke to the proprietor, Rowan the Half-Elf, and proceeded to get a room. She then told Darwin specifically she would be in her room. Darwin, after a small grace period, joined her, while Zinda sat alone drinking his Asticles wine. Umm and Clara eventually joined him and figured out what was going on. Umm proceeded upstairs to listen in, still not trusting Illianna’s intentions. Upon hearing the expected noises, he returned to Clara and Zinda. They eventually got rooms of their own to spend the night. Umm woke early so he might hang out across from Illianna’s door, just to be certain. As he stood, Rowan the proprietor delivered a message to Darwin. Darwin generously tipped the proprietor, who was uncertain as whether or not the size of the tip was a proposition. He assumed, as with the presence of Illianna, that it was just an advance for breakfast for the party and he returned downstairs.

Darwin read his note, appearently an invitation from his uncle Arillius. He gathered the party at breakfast and asked them to support him. Umm was disturbed and told Darwin some of his past regarding his cousin and his uncle. This disturbed Darwin, but he was not upset with Umm, as he knew of the cruelity of he uncle. The took some time, then proceded to visit his uncle’s manor in the afternoon. They were greeted by guard and servants, and asked to wait in a waiting room while Arillius spoke to Darwin.



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