Under the Dual Moons

The Canyon of Gothay and Vault of Darom Madar

It was an easy task to find the Canyon of Gothay on Toramund’s advise. The party was able to search the canyon looking for posible locations for the Vault of Darom Madar. After finding a potential match, only for it to turn out to be a Gith cave, they found the entrance of what could be the vault.

The entrance was littered with the remains from a battle. It was clear that this was the last stand of House Madar. The dead were not rested however, and rose to attack the party. The party was able to put them down however and procede to open the vault. Darwin found a sword, which turned out to be a Sunblade, a useful find for its radiant damage is known to be effective against the undead.

Upon entering the antechamber of the vault, the party was set upon by spirts. An artifact known as the sorrowstone lie in the center of the room, generating spirits which fought the party. The spirits of the wife and sons of Darom Madar attacked the party for violating their tomb. They were laid to rest by the party.

The party then found a complex portal into the tomb, they were able to decipher a way to open it and entered the tomb. Amongst the treasures of the house stood a terrible undead visage, Darom himself as a lesser oath wight. The party engaged the testless dead and was able to bring it down. As they were picking through the vast wealth, the fiend rose again from the dead and began attacking again. They were able to put it down once and for all.

They rested.

Upon leaving the vault, they were set upon by another set of attackers. Umm was able to draw one into the middle of the party and this was his demise. The rest were quickly routed and the party victorious. They were able to then find Rhotan Vor and help load the skiffs with treasure.



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