Under the Dual Moons


Tyr is in chaos

Tyr is a city-state in chaos, and paradigms across Athas are snapping. Kalak, one of the nearly omnipotent sorcerer-kings, is dead. A band of rebels, now known as the Deposers of Kalak, laid low the centuries-old tyrant. In the wake of the great arcanists’ downfall, the city’s oppressive order has crumbled. Factions struggle for power, snatching at scraps of influence and wealth as templars, Kalak’s agents, struggle to reassert civic authority. Howls of anarchy mix with the joyous whoops of freed slaves in a cacophony that has yet to quiet since the world turned on its head.

For Umm, freedom is a mixed blessing. A gladiatorial fighter, Umm now has no Noble house backing him. Throngs of freed slaves wander the streets of Tyr in this period of chaos. How long before things settle, and the Noble’s regain their power and collect their lost property? Umm has no desire to find out.

Darwin Firstborn has quite a different issue. For a privilaged Noble and a academy trained ardent, the eruption of chaos has left Tyr unsafe. With his father, step-mother, and his half-siblings gone, the Oreites House is but a shadow of it’s former self, led by his uncle Arillius. His uncle’s particular cruel treatmment of the house slaves is of great concern now that they are free. Arillius’ loses seem great under this new regime, and while the greater houses vie for power, Oreites seems to be losing ground fast. In his last bid for power, he may have overstepped his bounds. Rumors have it that several of his rivals have met bloody ends. Could Arillius, or one of Darwin’s cousins be involved?

Clara Negrescu has found herself caught up in the chaos of Tyr, too. Last signed on under the banner of the green inix, House Ianto, a small merchant dynastic house engaged exclusively in the slave trade, Clara has found her employers are on the verge of colapse. Indeed, no Ianto caravans will be leaving Tyr any time soon, and while Ianto scrambles to deal with its fate, Clara sees it is time to move on. The more familiar markets of Balic seem more appealing than staying in a city of chaos.



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