Clara Negrescu


Since the day she was born, Clara’s known she was “different.” The people in her clan of Tamwar nomads were leery of her because she was born with “old” eyes. She had a wisdom at a young age that many adults never reach. They tried to teach her the ways of the clan; fortune telling, dancing, acrobatics, conning, and thievery, but she just didn’t have any interest in this way of life.

In her early adolescence, something strange began to happen. Although Clara had no talent for creating a person’s fortune, she could get people to do what she wanted. She could implant thoughts into people’s minds and giggle when she made them act foolish if they were teasing her. She could also tell instantly when someone was lying to her. While the fortune tellers of the clan were making up their “fortunes,” it seemed that Clara could actually read their thoughts. Because of this, and the fact that she was a loner in a clan of family, they began to distrust her.

One of the clan elders cornered Clara one day and let into her, telling her she was a freak and that no one wanted her around, but they couldn’t say anything because they were afraid of what she’d do. After several minutes of this, Clara couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, “Enough!” She startled the old woman who from the shock of the outburst or from simple old age crumpled into a pile at Clara’s feet. Clara explained what had happened and swore she did nothing to the crone, and most people believed her but there was always a shade of suspicion over her after that.

Finally it was obvious to Clara that she would leave the clan. She knew they’d be just as happy to see her go as she would be to be free of them. She spent most of her time traveling different trade routes with merchant caravans; entertaining and, ironically, telling fortunes. She’s made a living and actually has a few repeat customers; enough to keep her happy. Her last travel brought her to Tyr in the service of House Ianto, and now, in the wake of civil unrest, she is eager to leave. Kaldras, an Elven trader is looking for a few hired hands to tend his Kanks and guard his caravan. Tending Kanks is not the most glamourous of duties and guarding carvans is risky, but it seems that there a few oportunities at the moment for someone heading toward Balic.

Clara Negrescu

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