Darwin Firstborn

Darwin Firstborn is a Half-Elf Ardent from Tyr


Inquisitive, effusive, engaged and forthright.


Darwin Firstborn was born to an elven mother and Tyrian nobleman Maximus Oreites, who was known as well for his silver tongue as his wandering eye. Darwin was given over to his father shortly after entering the world, as the elves of Athas have no love for “filthy half-breeds”. As it happened, Darwin’s married father was a noted diplomat and one of the nobles of Tyr, although of a minor branch of one of the major families. His stepmother, Hera Oreites, resented Darwin from the very beginning. Darwin was a constant reminder of Maximus’s philandering ways and a series of tragic accidents ultimately claimed the life of several of Darwin’s half-siblings, but never himself.

Maximus traveled on business and was oblivious to the danger in his own home, until a frightened servant, finally too horrified by the actions of the lady of the household, informed him. It is a strange quirk of fate that Hera Oreites met with a tragic accident that claimed her life several weeks later. Although there were rumors aplenty that she bore the marks of violence and that the circumstances surrounding her death were suspicious, they remained only that: rumors.

In a textbook example of overcompensation, Maximus put a halt to his traveling ways for the next 2 years and afforded Darwin every possible advantage his wealth could secure: education, training for his psionic talent, weapons teachers. Once his education was begun and Darwin enrolled in the Academy, Maximus felt it was acceptable to resume his wandering ways.

Unfortunately, the two year absence from the scene resulted in tremendous changes during a chaotic time and he had to spend a great deal of time catching up on what had changed and erosions to his status through his absence. This kept him almost always away. And for as dangerous as the world can be, it is perhaps surprising that Maximus survived as long as he did, traveling as much as he did.

Sadly, fate would catch up with Maximus. During an ill-fated trip, marauders attacked his caravan during a sandstorm. Given the paucity of mercy, reports of raids are invariably treated as an obituary, and this would be no exception.

For long years since, Darwin has remained at the Academy, learning how to eke the very last bit out of his psionic gifts.

This background would make any normal person extremely suspicious and cynical, even jaded.

But not Darwin. On the contrary, he is firmly and almost insanely upbeat, genuinely interested in trying to help people work together. Through his psionic gift, he knows he can bring true happiness to others. When working alongside others, his infectious good humor and manner can prove surprisingly effective in piercing the sometimes thick layer of hard-bitten cynicism and world-weariness that pervades Athasian society.

With the eruption of chaos following King Kalak’s demise, Darwin has concluded Tyr is unsafe for now, and has learned of an elven caravan to Balic, where another academy exists. The coin to be earned for protecting the caravan might pay for tuition.

Darwin Firstborn

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