Zinda Moonrunner

Zinda Moonrunner is an Elven seeker


Zinda is timid and shy for an elf, his personality due at least in part to the way he is treated by his family. He is obsequious and subserviant, submitting to the will of others. He fails to make decisions on his own, and defers to the crowd. That said, Zinda has a strong heart and given the chance to shine, he may just suprise.


Zinda Moonrunner is the younger half-brother of Kaldras Moonrunner, an elven trader. He is treated by Kaldras with indifference at best and outright contempt at the worst. As the bastard son of Kaldras’ father and an elven courtesan, he is afforded no privilages in the family and must work with the hired hands.

Zinda’s distraction from the misery of the trader’s way of life is his love for the land. He is a primal champion, versed in hunting techniques handed down through the generations, combining bow techniques with primal evocations. He would have been a primal guardian, a protector of the land if he had been able to break away from the family business. Sadly, Zinda is little more than a slave to his family and their trade.

Zinda Moonrunner

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