Tattoos and markings are a common sight on Athas. While some are just decorative skin art, many symbolize family, tribe, merchant house, or other affiliation. Slaves and ex-Slaves bear the marks of their owners or former owners. Merchant Houses tattoo not only their slaves but many of the free men too bear a seal, different of course from the slave markings, as their stations define.

Ex-slaves and escaped slaves who band in slave tribes may incorporate their new found tribe’s tattoos with their slave markings. Elven tribes have their own style of marks. Merchant House tattoos reflect the symbol of the particular house, its seal.

A series of tattoos can be like a road map trailing back through a person’s life. As such, removal is common too. Usually performed in Elven markets under cover of the night, tattoo removal can be a painful process. Removing the tattoos of slaves in all states but Tyr is a punishable offense.

Tattoos can be enchanted with magic, as items and wares can be. Tattoos can be removed and ‘transferred’ by a skilled artist with a modicum of arcane knowledge.


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